Technology, Colleges & Community (TCC), is a worldwide online conference attended by university and college personnel including faculty, research associates, academic support staff, counselors, student services personnel, students, and administrators.

Join us for our 26th annual event to share your expertise and experiences, and gain new knowledge related to the use of information technology in learning, teaching, innovation, and academic services. This event is very useful and “friendly” to novices. The event provides a strong foundation for learning with modern and emerging technologies, especially with online learning.

We have unlimited site licenses for a group, campus, and related institutional participants. For group registration info, contact Kitty Hino <>.

For more information, contact Bert Kimura <>.

TCC Hawaii, LearningTimes, & the Learning Design and Technology (LTEC) Department, College of Education, UH-Manoa, collaborate to produce this event. Volunteer faculty and staff worldwide provide additional support., a USA 501(c)3 charitable organization incorporated in Hawaii, conducts events for educators and graduate students worldwide that relate to current and future practices and research in learning technologies and design. To make a US tax-deductible contribution, contact Kitty Hino [].

This year, TCC is excited to share new opportunities for connecting and community-building! We’ve got 3 new Slack channels designed to kick off some engaging conversations and resource sharing, and we’re planning a fun and casual Pau Hana event to wrap-up our 3-day event.

Jump in and Say “Hello”!

To join in on the Slack fun, please visit the TCC 2021 Hawaii Slack Workspace, add yourself to the 3 kick-off channels and start the conversation!

Get more details by downloading our TCC Community Building document.